Benefits of Regular Care

Regular care, or "tune-ups," as many of my clients call them, is a wellness approach to overall health care. Health care, as I see it, looks at more than your physical state; it also looks at your emotional state. One influences the other. There is a bi-directional flow of energy from one system to the other. For example, we now know conclusively that depression leads to a decrease in our immune function. Major stresses such as losing a job, moving, or divorce, all affect our physical well being.

The flip side is also true—physical problems can affect our emotional well being. If you are ill, unable to take part in the daily activities that give you a sense of contentment, you frequently experience depression and anomie. Decreased function of the physical body can lead to many emotional problems—anger, sorrow, bitterness, to name a few.

As we know, stress is not unique to adults. Children, particularly those with special needs, carry a tremendous amount of anxiety. They get depressed and often have physical problems that interfere with their overall functioning.

Regular care with my approach considers both your emotional and physical being. I work with your emotional issues while they are still small—if possible—or as they come up, before they manifest as major symptoms in your body. I also work with the physical body, to help your nervous system recover from stress and to integrate the emotional shifts you have made. I do this by using several modalities including gentle spinal alignment, soft tissue massage, Energy Psychology and other energetic healing techniques. .

Chinese Medicine and Original Chiropractic Care

Frequent, regular visits have always been the hallmark of original chiropractic and Chinese medical care. The goal is to keep you well, not to treat your symptoms after you get sick. Regular frequent visits help your body live in a state of optimal wellness, which allows for optimal function—mental and emotional, as well as physical health. Optimal function supports the body’s natural healing abilities. No matter what the condition.

Healing should progress from the least invasive therapies—such as those I employ—to the most invasive. Unfortunately, we are trained to do just the opposite. We opt for the big guns, surgery, chemotherapy, and prescription medicines first; then go for the less invasive therapies if the former didn't work. We need to reconsider this system of priority. Using the least invasive therapies first is healthier for us and better for society on every level.

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