Testimonials from Neurotypical Patients

Saturday when you were finished with B. you did a bit of energy work on me and when we left I felt very energized and 'up'. All the rest of the day I was feeling very positive and full of life. It's great to feel so good and there's no doubt in my mind that your work on me is what made my day. Thank you again and hugs, SW

You are my savior. I immediately was pain free after seeing you and experienced little discomfort since - some very minor soreness and little "twinges". I do still feel where the problem area is so I am happy we have an appointment. I didn't have any emotional episodes except I was very sentimental at my Aunt and Uncle's 50th Anniversary party last Sunday - but, I am fairly certain I would have cried at the videos anyway.

My husband is feeling much better, too. I told my friend at work DR about you, and I think he and his wife may be contacting you.

I first started seeing Dr. Eaton over 15 years ago, when she was mainly a network chiropractor. I have scoliosis, and am very physical, and whenever I experience back pain, the first person I think of seeing is Dr. Eaton. Lorre has a keen sense of energy which is so amazing to me. I always feel so much more balanced after seeing her. She is also very caring, willing to use her healing techniques to help with any living creature. She’s worked on my children since they were growing inside me, as well as my ailing dog. She is open to learning new techniques, and seems to always be educating herself on new and interesting techniques. I can’t begin to explain how Lorre Eaton does what she does, but the main thing I know for sure is that she is very good at it. I feel very lucky to know her and have her her available here in the bay area.

Just wanted you to know that the session on Sunday did the trick, I got out of my funk, got my report done, and actually had a good Monday as well. Thanks so much for your healing touch (and TFT). Have a great time with the Cherry Blossoms

You do not know how happy I am to hear that you are back and are taking patients, because I need you!!! I am not having back pain, but feel like my hip and knee are out of whack (and likely more!). I have so missed your particular touch (and much more)! I'm out of town this week, but will call to make an appointment for next week.

I think Lorre is absolutely magical. I had so many little pains, but I always just lived with them. I can run the track again after a foot injury five year’s earlier (Kaiser failed to do much after the initial healing). My shoulder pain of about ten years is gone (was actually gone in about three seconds). My back pain is 98% gone (only occasionally notice it); my neck is not locked up anymore; my hips are a thousand times better.

I have always had a rather connected relationship with my body. But it seems to have become an even closer friendship. She is also terrific at unearthing emotional issues and helping you garner your own ability to cope and resolve the issues through body work and other techniques.

Lorre has been a wonderful person to know and I highly recommend her for the breadth of knowledge, skill, and expertise she brings to her work.



When Z was 3 years old (now seven) he was terrorized by a dog that knocked him down while chasing a cat. After that experience he became completely terrified of all dogs and he would have anxiety attacks every time he was anywhere near a dog.

There was a dog outside of Dr. Lorre's office at the time of Z's first session with her. After completing the session Z's fear had immediately reduced as right after the session he walked outside knowing there was a dog out there. He was cautious as he walked out and asked where the dog was, saw the dog and decided to retreat inside. But the fact that he went outside on his own knowing there was a huge dog out there; and the amount of fear he displayed was minimized.

After Z's second session with Dr. Lorre, his fear was completely gone! He went outside where he knew there was a dog. This time, here did not retreat inside and he walked up and greeted the dog, patting him on the head. Z played with some other boys along with the dog for a while and he clearly had zero fear. If anything he displayed joy and seemed to want to be around the dog and pet him. Z is now 10 and since then has had zero fear of dogs!

I, too, have benefited from Dr. Lorre's work. I've always had a fear of flying in planes. I was stressed and anxiety ridden thinking about a flight I needed to take the next day. After a short session with Dr. Lorre my fear dramatically reduced and that session helped me get through that 6 hour flight

It is hard to describe Dr. Lorre's work. I think of her as a healer that uses different modalities to help people with physical and emotional pain. Her practice is constantly evolving and deepening These days she is using Network Chiropractic and Thought Field Therapy. Though, I honestly think of her as simply a healer.

I have been seeing Lorre for 14 years and her work has, honestly, changed my life. The main positive changes I have seen have been emotional, which in turn, affected my physical body in a positive way (less back pain, more relaxed body). Lorre's work helped release a lot of painful emotional patterns that I had been holding in my body, After working with her even just a few sessions, I noticed a big difference in the quality of my life. I was better able to deal with life's difficulties and feel more resolved about pat trauma. The ongoing work improved the quality of my life in so many ways. I feel more relaxed, have closer relationships with people and less physical pain and tension. The ongoing work helps me also with emotional difficulties and life changes that I undergo. I recently had a child and Lorre has helped me recover from the birth and is also adjusting my infant son, which will help him have fewer physical and emotional problems in his life.

I enjoy both her gentle chiropractic work and the tapping out she does with Thought Field Therapy. The tap outs she does are really amazing. They definitely help me deal with any emotional problems I might be having. It is amazing how much a tap helps! It really does alleviate emotional tress and pain.

At first I was not sure what to think or how helpful the muscle testing and energy work that Lorre provides. More and more though I can feel the difference and trust the work and the signals from my body. I look forward to working with Lorre every week. I am always left with a feeling of relief that is deep and hard to describe. There is an emotional tension that is lifted and I feel a bit more at ease with my surroundings.



Testimonials from Special Needs People

Sunset School and Camp Camelot

Parents and teachers of the students wrote the following testimonials, which also include thoughts from the students.

Thank you for the change you have made in my son N. His teacher tells me that in addition to being cute as a bug, N has become a natural leader out on the playground. In the classroom he has become a take-charge guy and he no longer pouts under his desk when he doesn’t get his way, and he is now considerate of others and their feelings. I have noticed these changes myself.

At home his ability to be more relaxed and focused has made him a calmer and happier person. How amazing this work has been for our family.

Thank you,

This is what N had to say about massage: It made me a good student; I talk to my friends; I play with my friends.
May 20, 2009

My daughter L has benefited from your weekly massage program more than I could believe possible. When she started we had to wrap her body in gauze every night at bedtime so that the sores all over her body wouldn’t bleed all over the sheets. She could not play in the sun because the heat would make her condition worse. She was also very shy. When company came and I would ask her to go see what her Auntie would like to drink, it would be too painful for her to do. She even had trouble talking to me. That has all changed completely. My daughter now has beautiful skin, she can play outside and her personality has bloomed into that of a confident young girl who is becoming a young woman. Thank you so much for this wonderful program.

My daughter L says: I’m not shy anymore; I was kind of nervous and stiff; My skin doesn’t itch all the time anymore.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to let you know how the work of Dr. Lorre Eaton and the volunteers from Camp Camelot have changed the life of my son, R.

R was a stressed-out student falling behind his peers in academics. He was experiencing difficulty with test taking, memory skills and feeling that he was dumb.

Participating in Camp Camelot’s weekly massage program has made major differences in my son’s attitude and motivation towards school. He frequently talks about the sense of relaxation he feels from massage. He no longer stresses as much about daily assignments and/or test taking. His teacher reports that his ability to focus has improved: increased length of focus and the ability to ignore or filter out distractions. His lowered stress has made school easier for him.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity my son has enjoyed.


Dear Dr. Lorre Eaton,

I want to thank you and your organization Camp Camelot for your work with my daughter P.

My daughter reports: I am more relaxed; math is easier; The tapping makes me stop thinking about the stuff that is in my brain.

I wish to add the following benefits that P and my family have experienced as a result: She is calmer; more focused; speaks more clearly and communication has greatly improved; she is more emotionally stable.

These benefits have made our family relationships stronger and appears to have made the transition into adolescence easier for all of us.

Dear Dr. Lorre,

Thank you and Camp Camelot for the wonderful work you have done with my daughter N. She has become more in-tune with her emotions. And she now recognizes when she gets upset, and is able to talk through it. It has had a calming effect on her and she looks forward to them each week. It has also helped our mother-daughter relationship.

This is a list of things N had to say about the massage program: Before my brain was hurting. After massage my brain was relaxed; My body used to be stiff too. It’s not stiff anymore; My inner child was stiff too. After massage it feels soft and calm; Anywhere I press on my body now it feels relaxed; Getting massage helps me relax too.

Thank you so much.

May 20, 2009
Dear Dr. Lorre,

Thank you for the work you have done with my son M. I hope he will be able to come every week next year, and that you and Camp Camelot will be able to be here for him and the other children next year.

My son M says: I feel better in my body and more confident; it’s easier to make friends; it’s fun working with Mrs. Terri on the exercises.



May 27, 2009
To Whom It May Concern:

My son BT has participated in massage Wednesday’s for the past school year in Anne Dowling’s 4th – 5th grade special day class. Message Therapy has been very beneficial for B’s behavior at home and in school.

At home B has been: Attempting to participate in more discussions; Starting and completing tasks with one or less directions (i.e. gets dressed by himself in the morning, make his own breakfast, homework.); makes better choices with behavior.

At school B has been: Focused more; has fewer meltdowns; makes better choices.

This program has been very important to the development of our son. It is our hope that this program can continue and others will benefit from this program.

Dear Lorre Eaton,

Thank you for the weekly massage program that you, Mrs. Dowling, Mrs. Van Fleet, Mrs. Highsmith and Mrs. Bender have contributed to the children of B’s class this year.

We have noticed a dramatic difference in B this year, since he began to get the weekly massages. It is almost as if B has come out of the clouds and is more awake in his thoughts. He truly enjoys his time with you, our family cannot thank you enough.

DT and EBT (B’s parents)
June 4, 2009

Dear Dr. Eaton,

I wish to thank you for all of the incredible work that you have done with my students this year. Through Camp Camelot, you have changed many lives for the better.

These are a few of the changes I have observed in my students over the time you have worked with them: changes in posture and athletic ability and muscle control; awareness of tense/relaxed muscle states; body and space awareness; breath control; communication skills; eye contact; listening skills; patience; response time; gains in access to information retrieval; social emotional gains; ability to handle panic attacks; ability to handle fears.

These are only a few of the changes that you have helped my students achieve. The results of your work have allowed my students to improve their family relationships and to develop friendships. Your work has made a very large difference in each of their lives and through them in an entire community.

Anne Dowling


May 20, 2009

Dear Mrs. Dowling,

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with results on the Wednesday afternoon massage sessions with Dr. Lorre that H has been attending for most of the school year.

I have noticed a dramatic change in Hunters ability to engage in conversation and that he is just more social in general. In the past when I asked him about things that went on at school the usual response was “I don’t know” or “no talking please.” Now I am able to get him to engage in more conversation with me.

My parents have also noticed the difference. I generally take H to their house two evenings a week while I go to an exercise class. In the past he usually ran straight up the stairs to watch TV alone. Now, he goes right into the family room with them and many nights he sits with them for the whole hour.

I know that H looks forward to Wednesdays now and enjoys the extra time spent interacting with his classmates trading Yuh Gi Oh and Pokemon cards or playing with Nintendo DS together.

I hope that you will be able to continue this program next year. Please share my letter with Dr. Lorre. Thank you.

May 27, 2009

Dear Dr. Lorre,

Thank you so much for all you have contributed to the children of our class. It’s been my pleasure and honor to have seen miracles take place this year and last. What has been just as astounding as seeing the changes in the children is to learn that many of them have absolutely no memory of the way they were before.

Last week I interviewed some of the children for their off-the-top-of the-head comments about massage. These were their responses:

  • It means you can relax.
  • After I’m done I feel better. It makes me relax.
  • Massage helps me relax and feel better.
  • Massage helps me be active and get smarter.
  • It makes my life good afterwards.
  • Massage makes me feel better.
  • Massage helps me in my math and homework.
  • The best thing about massage is that it makes me think well.
  • Massage makes you relax and feel good.
  • Massage makes me relax and have fun.
  • You can bring toys to school to play with afterwards.

As you can see, many of the children list being able to relax as their favorite part of massage. What I didn’t realize until I got the children on the massage table myself is the enormous amount of effort they expend trying to stay seated all day and trying to learn. Thank you for making this program possible.

With many thanks for this year, and high hopes for next year,
Suzanne Van Fleet
Massage Therapist CMT HHP & Special Ed. Aide


Testimonials from Parents of People Who Participated in Dr. Eaton's Neurologically-based Bodywork Study

I want you to know how incredible our family thinks you are. You have shown us all so much kindness and compassion since you have worked with M. Nothing that I can write can describe the magnitude of what you did for M. Once you have completed your research and open up your practice we will be first in line.

M is a nine year old boy who has ADHD and a Anxiety disorder combined with a extreme sense of grief since the death of his sister. He has had numerous forms of therapy over the years. None have worked alone.

M had very poor hand writing when he started working with Dr. Lorre. Upon completion of the 16+ sessions, M's handwriting had improved dramatically and he was able to draw a figure eight without even looking carefully. It was very hard for him to even start the figure eights when he began the therapy.

M has extreme anxiety about going to the dentist. He had to be anesthetized to have any form of work done on his teeth. Dr. Lorre did some taping exercises with M around his anxiety about the dentist. I am happy to say that he just had his teeth cleaned fully awake. Dr. Lorre also did some tapping exercises with M around the death of his sister. He has been able to articulate his feeling in a much clearer way since he had therapy.

M has been calmer and clearer in general. He is not as aggressive and he is a lot less disorganized. The therapy gave M a beginning and end which is so lost in children with his learning difference. He felt comfortable having his body worked on and he felt in his body for the first time in his life. M works twice as hard as most people to hold himself together. He was less tired and irritable and had a good attitude.

The therapy did wanders for my son and I truly believe a lot of children could benefit from Dr. Lorre’s work.

Our two children participated in the body work therapy study with Lorre Eaton DC LMT. M is seven years old with developmental delays. The changes that occurred during treatment were an increase in language, both in vocabulary and in the length of his sentences. He also started jumping up and forward, something he had never been able to do before. J is ten years old with ADHD/Impulsive type. We did not notice any changes in his behavior from therapy, although he liked doing the therapy and found it relaxing. Overall the therapy was beneficial for both our children and we are grateful for the opportunity to participate in this study.

JS and DS


We wanted to thank you for including L in your research, even though he was the youngest student that you had. We had already been doing many different interventions for L, including speech, OT, ABA, and seen progress, but were surprised by the amount of progress L made in a short time with your brain gym work. The exercises you taught us help to calm L down and help him focus. His mental skills are more alert after completing the exercises. His OT says that after doing brain gym, his mind can organize itself and complete cognitive tasks more accurately. We have asked our home ABA tutors to incorporate aspects of your program into his work on a daily basis. They too have noted improvements in his functioning after doing a brain gym type activity.

In addition, we want to thank you for your patience, flexibility, engagement with L and support for our family. We admire the work you are doing and hope that you are able to help other children like you helped L.

JJ and JO
You asked about any changes. Here is what I have seen:

  • J is more focused and can add more words to complex thoughts (i.e. When I ask him a question and am used to blank responses (no response) he may now say: "Mom ... I already answered that."
  • More concerned about his body ... wants to have a "six pack" ... wants to be strong and fit.
  • Has become aware of the fact that he has an aide ... doesn't want to be different (this is age appropriate)
  • Calmer attitude ... in general ...
  • Less flopping around ... less throwing himself on the floor when he arrives home. Goes to the computer or TV or his room (he used to just "flop" down). More age-appropriate behavior.

Hope this is helpful and let's stay in touch. Let me know if you need more details

Take care,
Thank you for letting E take part in your study although he was a bit young and he isn't really in your target group. It is hard with E’s issues to gauge change, and because he does so many different types of therapies, it is hard to know what to attribute any changes to. I know that he enjoyed coming to the sessions with you on Fridays. I would say that during the time he has been working with you, he has made some gains in terms of seeming more steady on his feet some days (although he tends to be a bit erratic in terms of just having good days and bad days). He also seems to have a more normal grasp on crayons than he used to and is able to draw straighter lines. Plus, as Thinley mentioned, he seemed to be better about his toilet training after his sessions with you.

My son D is a 6 years old boy. He is Autistic. Since February, 2008, through a friend’s recommendation, I took D to see Dr. Lorre to do Brain Gym treatment at her office, once a week for about 60 minutes per treatment. After three months, I feel D has made the following changes:

  • He is much claimer now. He is no long climbing on the table and furniture jumping around.
  • He used to demand me to give him snacks and juice. If I told him he had to wait a little latter, or this snack was the last one for the day, he would lying on the ground crying, kicking, biting me and throwing things around. After the treatment, he no long threw a tamper tantrum, when I told him the same thing. He will eat his snacks and quietly walks away.
  • When I take him out for a walk, he can reach out and hold on to my hands now. Before the treatments, when I took him our for a walk, he used to let go of my hands and ran very fast on the street and he ran very fast to cross the street by himself without looking at the traffic lights to see if it was green or red.
  • He can make eye contact with me more often now. When he wants something, he can look into a person’s eyes and ask for the things he wants.
  • He speaks more too. When he wants to eat something, he can ask for it, even though he only can copy what people speak to him. He used to only copy simple words, but he can copy simple sentences now. He feels very proud of himself, because of it. He likes to go to Dr. Lorre’s office. He likes her pressure treatment.

I am very thankful for Dr. Lorre’s help during this period of time.

CY, June 20, 2008


We can't thank you enough for including D into your studies. We didn't expect too much at the beginning. But we are pleasantly surprised. We have seen a sudden small leap of cognitive gain in D. D may have made more improvement if he were more compliant to your treatments. During the course of treatments, we are amazed at your enthusiasm, your relentless love, and your genuine respect you have endowed upon D. We thank you from our heart. We are also grateful to your generosity in sharing your techniques on how to keep D calm. Although D is receiving on-going acupuncture, as well as having started home ABA at the same time he is receiving your treatments, we are convinced that yours have most likely contributed to that spurt of cognitive growth D is experiencing recently. He seems to be a little more responsive, more in touch with this world, and at times, behaves more like a typical kid. Of course, the majority of time he is still very anxious, silly, foggy, totally involved in his own perseveration and little world. But the progress he has made under you is undismissible:

  • He is in general more present than before, more cohesive
  • He is able to ask more valid “why” questions
  • He improves his expressive language
  • He has improved his motor planning. He is more coordinated with his hands and feet. During his swimming last Friday, we observed some emerging new skills which we have tried to make him learn for years. For example, he is able to alternate his hands a little bit, as well as kick his legs while holding onto a kick board. Very desirable milestones indeed!
  • He is a little more independent by initiating some self-care tasks at home, such as taking clothes out and attempts to dress up himself, taking snacks out of containers and feeds himself, taking a game out and wants to play. In short, he seems to be more willing to engage himself than before.

Thank you, Dr. Lorre, for giving our family, especially D, some hope, and a better quality of life. A lot of times, this kind of achievements are not easy, and hard to come by in the ASD world, depending on what treatment paths one chooses.
Dear Lorre,

First, let me say how much I appreciate the time, expertise and caring you have lavished on C. This seems a rather selfless effort on your part in that C is unlikely to show, at least directly, any enthusiasm or appreciation for your efforts. I guess you feel as I do. The fact that he readily goes to your office week after week speaks volumes. He is 21 now and quite capable of saying "no" to activities which he dislikes. He picks and chooses his activities and associates very carefully, avoiding anyone or anything which is the least bit threatening to him. C’s willingness to see you and allow you to touch his body (and indirectly, his psyche) is an unusual act of trust on his part. I am sure that he has responded to your gentleness and your respectful manner. Aside from any healing touch or chiropractic you may do with him, your respect and appreciation for C, your belief in his capacity to be happy and successful is a powerful therapy. I believe you are that "charismatic figure" which the experts say make all the difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities. I think your relationship with him, gives him a precious glimpse into the world of human intimacy.

Among the significant gains that C has manifested in the past six months are

  • Withdrawal from Prozac without obvious ill effect. (The drug is not entirely benign so we are glad that you encouraged us to try a period without it.)
  • C seems more willing to accept the help he needs, eg help from disabled student services and from a peer mentor. (I think his positive experience with you has opened him up in this regard.)
  • C and his friends have moved to a more mature level of social contact. They now make their own arrangements for getting together (finally!) and are moving away from video games in favor of going to movies, restaurants, etc. C is more inclined to take initiative in this area by calling friends to make plans with them.
  • A parent who sees C on a weekly basis has described C as “happy”.
  • C now drives himself to various places other than to the college.
  • C has, on occasion, given me a REAL hug though he does not give affection spontaneously as yet. I'm not sure about changes in his comfort with physical contact with others.
  • I believe his ritualized behavior has lessened altho he is still very particular about the placement and handling of his possessions.
  • C is acknowledging (but not always implementing) the need for physical exercise. He seems accepting of the PE requirement at SJSU.
  • C is slowly learning to self-advocate at college. While he does not always recognize the need for self-advocacy, he is more capable of handling it once he knows what action is required. This is very important for him as it is a key to college success.
  • C has always been reasonably focused, organized and attentive to tasks. He still does best when instructions are somewhat simplified.
  • The biggest achievement is C’s desire and willingness to leave home and live in a dorm starting in January, 2008. He does not seem overly anxious about the upcoming changes in his life -- leaving home and starting a new college. I like to think that your work with C has facilitated these numerous and significant changes. In reality, his growth is probably the result of many helpful influences, including yours.

C is making steady progress in a number of areas as I described above, but still evidences a high level of anxiety as manifested in extreme irritability (especially with his mother) and obsessive skin-picking. His anxiety is, of course, a core feature of his autism, reinforced by the insults of his daily experiences, so tackling this fundamental problem involves swimming upstream. I am glad that you so quickly identified anxiety as a focus of treatment and that you are helping C to become aware of his feelings. More than that, you are teaching him to self-sooth so that he does not have to go through life tethered to his therapist’s office. I am convinced that bodywork, rather than some form of verbal therapy is the best way to help C. His body speaks for him, asking for help which he cannot verbalize. (Autism is, after all, a communication disorder). Even though I have yet to see gains in this area, I think you are on the right track. The fact is, C is an exceedingly defended individual. He suffered a great deal of physical and emotional trauma as a child.

Finally, I thank you again for your work with C and your dedication to helping others with similar problems. Thank you, also, for helping me to recapture some dreams I had for my son. Years of downsizing my expectations has left me rather drained. I would like to be more like you, able to provide C with a beacon of optimistic anticipation of his future.



B has been seeing Dr. Lorre Eaton since February 2008 for massage/brain gym therapies as a study for autistic children. Since that time, I have noticed so many significant changes in B. After the first week of sessions, B became very aware of his emotions. I noticed that B became very verbal and expressive in particular emotions such as anger, sadness, and frustration. Not only would he verbally express his emotions during certain instances (ie, “I'm very angry”), he would also accompany the appropriate facial expressions to go with them. I had not ever experienced B to be so vocal when met with a particular situations that he was not happy with. While, I had to admit, I was faced with some challenging times to calm B down, I became very hopeful when his very appropriate responses to certain dislikes from him was coming out in a very "non-autistic" way; appropriate verbal communication accompanied by appropriate (and heart-felt) facial expressions.

Within the 2nd week, to my surprise, B started to notice other Volvo station wagons such as the one I drive, in daily traffic. He moved from station wagons to actually noticing Volvo’s in general while we were out driving around. He then started to notice other Nissan Pathfinders (his care provider’s car) and Jeep Cherokees (his aunt’s car). All about in that same week, B started to initiate play with other peers. He would approach other peers who were playing ball, pool, etc. and say "Hi, guys! Can I play with you?" The first time it happened, we were at a pizza place where there was a pool table and a couple of 10 or 11 year olds were playing pool. B approached them with his greeting, and I just about fell out!

B has also had increased ability in fine-motor and gross -motor abilities (ie, drawing infinity using both hands, and doing cross-crawl exercises with ease).

I can now have actual conversations with B on a daily basis, and he has become more independent with basic living skills around the house. For example, he now goes into the fridge himself, and twists off the cap on the milk jug and pours his own drink without spilling!

B, to me, has had increased eye contact with myself and others when commenting on something or someone.

Stimming behaviors have decreased dramatically with a new found way of regulating his nervous system with the massage therapies. I've noticed a new increased awareness of dangerous situations (ie, looking for cars before crossing in a parking lot).

While bubbles are still an all time favorite for B, he has also shifted his interest in playing with cars, trains, reading more books, and watching age-appropriate movies such as "Home Alone" and "Stuart Little". He also enjoys playing video games with his 9 year old brother, B, and plays quite appropriately with him.

B takes piano lessons weekly and has just started to play with both hands on the piano; he also is more easily able to duplicate a tune he has heard and play it on the piano.

I would so very much like to continue the therapy sessions with Dr. Eaton for B. I believe her sessions have been extremely encouraging for all of us involved, especially B. Actions speak louder than words, and I have seen the vast improvement in all areas of B's everyday life since starting the sessions with Dr. Eaton. Thank you for all your help; it is truly priceless!



A experiences high functioning autism and mild cerebral palsy. As a result, he exhibits anxiety and delayed motor and speech skills. He is smart and has a good sense of humor when he's comfortable.

A’s first visit with Dr. Lorre was about 5 minutes long which is typical for him. New people and places are challenging and his tactile defensiveness make touch difficult. After a few weeks Dr. Lorre respectful and gentle approach has A not just tolerating a 1/2+ hour session, but actually enjoying it.

Since his therapy, his chronic anxiety has decreased to the point that we've been able to lower the dosage on his anxiety medication. His teacher and occupational therapist have noted an improvement in his handwriting. It is smaller and more appropriately spaced. Also, his fist raising has gone from approximately twice/week to approximately twice a month.

Dr. Lorre's embrace of multiple therapies is refreshing and keeps the session moving. Working towards improving neurological functioning is a missing piece of A’s support that Dr. Lorre has provided.

As the parents of a child with Aspergers Syndrome, we have felt our share of isolation and hopelessness. Our son has always been a loving and bright child who happens to have an explosive temper and prefers spending time alone. This has made it very difficult to create positive group experiences for him, both within our extended family and out in the rest of the world.

We have tried enrolling A in dozens of group classes, and each time it didn’t work out was more heartbreaking than the last. Not only did we, as parents, feel disappointed, but our son felt a sense of failure as well.

With so many specialists and types of therapies available, it’s been hard to know where to turn. After just a month of meeting with Dr. Lorre Eaton, A was not only willing to try some classes- he agreed to enroll in five different classes- each one a success!

His ability to focus has improved. He finds a new level of value in listening to what others have to say. His fine and gross motor skills have increased, making homework and easier and playtime more pleasant. His ability to control his temper has developed far beyond what we ever hoped for.

We believe that the reason for these major and sudden changes is the combination of therapies that Dr. Lorre offers. In addition to the actual therapies, the way that Dr. Lorre interacts with our son has boosted his confidence. She makes him feel likeable, smart, capable, and valued. We will feel eternally grateful for the role she has played in our lives.

The P Family
My son X and I had the pleasure of participating in Lorre Eaton’s brain gym study on developmentally delayed (challenged) children. X, a 7 year boy with Tuberous Sclerosis, loved working with Lorre and always wanted to go to the visits. He was an unusual case for Lorre since he does not have autism and is not on the autistic spectrum, which her program has found to be most successful in treating. She agreed to work with X anyway and I am glad she did. It was a good experience for both of us and I can say for certain that his ability and interest in writing greatly improved during the time he worked with Lorre. Part of the brain gym exercise is drawing a huge figure ‘8’ motion to cross the mid-line and X worked very hard on getting this down. After he was successful we saw him showing more interest in writing and even began writing little stories at home all by himself. Now he is allowing me to help him in improving his letter and number formations which he in the past would not let me do. I do think this had a lot to do with working with Lorre and her enthusiasm and belief that he could do it.


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