Sunset School

This was an on-going weekly after school program for 4th  and 5th graders in a special education program.  It is staffed totally by volunteer therapists and parents. We offer the children a variety of neurologically based body-work sessions. These include fully clothed body massage, cranial sacral therapy, Brain Gym exercises, spinal alignment through gentle chiropractic techniques, Energy Psychology, and we also had a homeopath on staff.

The results had been quite remarkable. The special education teacher and the parents were very encouraged and enthusiastic about this work. I believe this program was unique, in that the children were receiving multiple therapies. Each child is different, no child has the same problems or the same gifts. This work reaches the brain/mind through the body. It helps the children deal with both conscious and unconscious issues, especially the anxiety which plagues so many of these children with special needs.  When anxiety is decreased, learning is better able to happen, as is acceptable social interaction and fun.

A typical afternoon for each child consisted of at least Brain Gym exercises, one body massage, a EP session, possibly some reflex integration, and a  gentle chiropractic spinal alignment.

This program operated for about four years. The children were usually with us for two consecutive school years. We could really witness to the amazing positive changes that occur during those years.

The hugs we got from the kids kept us going in this terribly under-funded program.

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