My Unique Approach to Special Needs People

A Combination of Therapies

My treatment approach is unique in that I employ a combination of therapies, as appropriate to the client. Each therapy compliments and builds on the others. I usually start with the energetic body and work toward the physical body. I believe that once the energetic body is "cleared" or regulated, the nervous system can be activated to "hold" the changes that have been established.

Sometimes, however, I need to start with the physical body, especially if I am working with a special needs person who is very hyper at the beginning of the session.

Because the therapies build on each other, I generally use the same three or four treatments in combination. For example, if there is a lot of anxiety, I will do a combination of treatments to alleviate the angst. I will first do some very basic energy alignment, then use Energy Psychology, to work with a particular incident, especially if there is trauma involved. Then I will check out their nervous system with a chiropractic non-force spinal alignment, often focused on the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system. I will often finish the session with a pure healing modality like Reiki or Reconnective Healing.

My approach gets results because it is a body-based system that is non invasive and thorough. Each of the treatments that I use affects the brain and nervous system as well as emotional components, such as fear and anxiety.

How I Relate to Special Needs People Personally

I am not a psychologist or a physician by training; I have developed my approach and techniques over the past 35 years, and I have been using it with since 2007. I believe that each child or young adult is unique, whether or not they have special needs. Each has his or her own gift. Some may have difficulty in the expression of this gift, especially to anyone who does not know or understand them very well. I am constantly amazed at the intelligence and awareness of these children. I wish I kept records of the phenomenal, brilliant things I have heard them say.

I respect each child and make an attempt to treat him or her as an equal. I explain what I do and why—whether or not they are supposedly capable of understanding. Even if it seems as if they do not understand, the assumption of understanding seems to make a difference with compliance.

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