Healing Philosophy

My approach to healing is to work from the least invasive therapy to the most invasive therapy. Most often modern medicine does exactly opposite. Drugs and surgery are used first, and if they don’t cure us, we look for alternate healing systems. Nutrition, body work of all kinds, homeopathy, herbs, acupuncture, chiropractic, and spiritual healing, are just a few alternate therapies that are less invasive than major medical modalities.

Western medicine, however, has its place. Sometimes we need the big guns to cure us, even if it means enduring negative side effects. Certainly, antibiotics have served us undeniably well over the years, but unfortunately and because of that success, they have consequently created a reliance that has led to new strains of pathogens that are immune to all the antibiotics we have developed thus far.

Surgery has been life saving; hip replacements, heart transplants, knee replacements are invaluable. The advances in nano medicine and stem cell therapy are yet to be seen for general use, but clearly we are constantly acquiring new information about medicine and health care.

Ether and Neuroplasticity

Over the centuries there have always been bifurcation points in our advancement as a race. I am particularly interested in the points having to do with our biological belief systems. One bifurcation point with a far-reaching effect was the discovery of ether. At the time of its discovery, Mesmerism (hypnosis) was being explored in Europe, where the power of the mind was all the rage. Surgeries were, in fact, being preformed while under hypnosis. However, when ether was discovered, it was then possible to anesthetize a patient with a drug. Medical procedures previously done under the influence of hypnosis could be more easily done with ether. Anesthesia took over in the medical field. What is most interesting about this bifurcation point is that after the discovery of ether, Mesmerism, which had been proving to be quite successful, became less successful. Why? Fascinating question. I think it was because ether was faster, and the energy of group consciousness moved away from supporting the hypothesis of hypnosis and mind control.

Another bifurcation point that took place in the biological sciences was the "proof" that we have a limited number of neurons, and that each area of the brain is solely responsible for a particular function. Experiments that showed different results from the former were discredited. Interestingly enough, many of those experiments have been repeated recently with outstanding results. It is now widely accepted that nerve cells can regenerate. A new buzz word— neuroplasticity—is used to describe how the brain and nervous system use various parts of the brain for various functions. This opens a whole new world for us.

The biological sciences are very slow to change. We can now transplant organs and even reconnect hands, but we are only beginning to understand how the body and mind work together. Movies such as "What the Bleep Do We Know?" have popularized the power of the mind in relation to our physical world, including our bodies. We all recognize now that if we feel depressed and anxious, our immune system gets depressed too, and we are more likely to get sick.

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