My Unique Approach

A Combination of Therapies

My treatment approach is unique in that I employ a combination of therapies, as appropriate to the client. Each therapy compliments and builds on the others. I usually start with the energetic body and work toward the physical body. I believe that once the energetic body is "cleared" or regulated, the nervous system can be activated to "hold" the changes that have been established.

Sometimes, however, I need to start with the physical body, especially if I am working with a special needs person who is very hyper at the beginning of the session.

Because the therapies build on each other, I generally use the same three or four treatments in combination. For example, if there is a lot of anxiety, I will do a combination of treatments to alleviate the angst. I will first do some very basic energy alignment, then use Energy Psychology, to work with a particular incident, especially if there is trauma involved. Then I will check out their nervous system with a chiropractic non-force spinal alignment, often focused on the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system. I will often finish the session with a pure healing modality like Reiki or Reconnective Healing.

I also occasionally use homeopathic remedies as well as Flower essences. Homeopathic remedies work more closely with the physical body, while flower essences positively influence the emotional body.

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